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Since Web sites vary considerably in design requirements, it is extremely difficult to quote a 'flat fee' for this service. The following factors will all influence the costings and your specific requirements can be discussed in detail during a free no-obligation consultation.

  • complexity of style / logo
  • complexity of content
  • number of pages required
  • number of images/thumbnails required
  • amount of maintenance necessary
  • use of forms
  • specialised scripting (eg ASP, JavaScript)
  • inclusion of flash movies etc

So you can see that prices will vary considerably according to the criteria outlined above.

And don't forget that Flash Granny's web sites are all designed with search engines in mind - right from the start; so it won't be a case of paying for your web site, then having to pay again for that site to be optimised for search engines.

RE-DESIGN - Appraisal or Makeover of Existing Web Site
Please e-mail the URL and any ideas you might have for a FREE no-obligation qutotation.

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