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Domain Names - General Info

Since your domain name represents your Company / personal identity on the internet, it is important to put some thought into choosing a suitable one. We are happy to advise on choice of domain - click here for some guidelines.

You can also choose whether to have your domain name 'parked' or 'hosted'.

Current domain prices

  • (.co.uk) £15 for 2 years
  • (.com, .net, .org) £15 for 1 year

Use the domain checker (above right) to find out if your chosen domain name is available.

Prices for registering other domains (.biz, .ltd.uk, .plc.uk etc) on application.

Back-Ordering of Registered Domains

With the explosive growth of the Internet - to some 40 million registered domain names in less than a decade - over 20,000 previously-registered TLD (top level domains - .com .net .org) are now deleted every day, or over 7 million per year.

If you would like to see current lists of expiring domains, or be alerted by e-mail about expiring domains which contain a particular keyword, then click on the link below. The service is FREE - you pay only when the domain has been successfully registered for you.

De-Tagged (.uk) Domains

We are able to offer a similar service for .uk domains which are currently de-tagged. A domain name that has been DETAGGED is no longer hosted on two valid name servers. This stops any services associated with the domain name, for example e-mail or a web site, from working.

Many domain names are DETAGGED around the time of renewal because the ISP has not been able to find out from the registrant whether they wish to renew the registration. However, domain names can be DETAGGED at any point after registration. If this service may be of interest to you, please contact us for further details.

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