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Flash Granny Servers

All Flash Granny hosted Web sites run on Microsoft Windows 2000 servers - the most reliable platform for web hosting. We employ spam filtering and virus filtering at server level.

The following components are installed on our servers:

CDONTS from Microsoft

CDONTS is an ASP object bundled with IIS that allows you to send mail through your ASP pages. More...

ASPeMail from Persits

AspeMail is an active server component that enables your ASP application to send eMail messages via our SMTP servers. The component supports multiple file attachments, multiple recipients, CCs, BCCs, and REPLY-Tos. All servers have ASPemail version installed. More...

ASPUpload from Persits

This is an Active Server component which enables an ASP application to accept, save and manipulate files uploaded with a browser. All servers have ASPUpload installed. More...


High quality Jpeg thumbnail component. This easy-to-use component enables you to create high-quality image thumbnails in just a few lines of code. More...

Majodio FTP

Use this component to connect to an FTP server from within an ASP page. More...

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